Natural Gout Remedies - How I Learned About Them

I realize that gout attack stories are pretty easy to come by. Just about every gout sufferer can spin a few horrific tales of debilitating pain and anguish associated with their personal history. But this story is about freedom. And just how this late night demon called "gout attack" can rob you of it.

I was all ready to shove off for my yearly deer-hunting trip with my father-in-law and a few of his seasoned hunting buddies. These guys are great to hang with. Their average age is around 67 and they don't really put much emphasis on the hunting portion of the trip. They're happy just hanging around the campsite recalling the great hunt stories from when they we young like me.

This is no diet for gout menu

My father-in-law is generous to a fault. It would be an understatement to say we overeat on these trips. He insists on buying, bringing and cooking all the meals for the entire group. And he will not accept any payment whatsoever for his time and trouble. I've witnessed many an argument among these boys about how to pay back or stash some cash in one of my father-in-law's numerous packs or ditty bags. He won't hear of it. It's his treat. And the conversation is considered closed.

We eat well on these overnight trips. Steaks, butter smothered baked potatoes, assorted sauteed vegetables and salad is a typical supper menu. Add to that a case of frosty cold beer and maybe a bottle of red wine. Follow the feast with some cherry or apple pie alamode and you begin to understand why these boys love the outdoors so much. Who wouldn't? They've got their own personal top-chef who is happiest when his cronies are well fed and feeling good.

I am genuinely honored to be invited on these trips even if I might have just been replacing one of their regular campers. It doesn't matter. This is a fine group of gentlemen so it's always an enjoyable outing for me to join.

Here come the late night gout symptoms

As always, the dinner meal was spectacular. All were well fed, fat and happy. And as the long tales of the next morning's sunrise hunt began to subside, each hunter began to drift off to his respective tent for some well needed sleep.

My rude awakening came at 3:18 AM. And the familiar crash of discomfort was upon me again. Searing pain in my left toe with that dreaded hot and swelling sensation. The devil gout attack had arrived without warning and promised to ruin an otherwise delightful trip. If you've experienced these gout symptoms you're already aware of the next hours of extreme discomfort. As the sun came up I wanted nothing other than the street address of the nearest hospital and a Google map directing my route.

I made it through the night. But gearing up for the hunt was the furthest from my mind. One of my gracious camping companions offered a bit of his personal wisdom for this kind of occasion. He told me I should learn everything I can about gout treatments. Apparently his brother is also a gout pain sufferer. He mentioned that gout symptoms could be managed naturally if you know how to treat it. There was a certain confidence in his recommendation that stuck with me that morning.

Learning the gout cause

It's true. These painful gout symptoms can take you down in a heartbeat and linger for days or even weeks. Gout pain will rob you of your personal freedom if left untreated. And it only increases in severity as time passes. I decided that morning that I'd fix this problem...whatever the cost. After the untimely embarrassment and expressed apologies to my senior camping companions, I limped homeward with a freshly found commitment to find real gout pain relief. My doctor's usual prescription of ibuprofen helped relieve my immediate gout symptoms. He pointed me in the right direction with a few pamphlets and brochures, but I wanted more. I called my recent camping buddy, the one who shared his brother's gout attack story. He put me on the right track.

You see... gout is no longer just an occasional nighttime event brought on from overeating rich foods. Gout is an extremely painful form of arthritis where needle-like crystals form around your body's connective tissue. The resulting inflammatory arthritis is primarily responsible for what is commonly known as a gout attack.

In most people, an excess of uric acid builds up in the blood. This is primarily caused by one of two circumstances. There is either an unusual increase in uric acid production in the body or your body is unable to adequately eliminate uric acid. Gout symptoms are generally identified by feelings of warmth, redness, pain and swelling. There is often tenderness in the joints. The joints of the toes are the most commonly affected. This condition is known as "podagra".

Many gout sufferers report pain symptoms that begin just before bedtime. This is followed by a rapid increase in specific pain and discomfort that peaks sometime during the night and fades in severity over the next several days. The pain stricken area often presents an itching and peeling of skin near the affected area.

An all natural gout remedy is close at hand

With my wise camping buddy's help I turned the corner on gout relief with a copy of The Gout Remedy Report. This report was a perfect fit for me and my gout symptoms. The Gout Remedy Report is a simple but comprehensive guide that provides everything needed to understand and take immediate action. It includes:

- a complete overview of gout including gout's history, causes, symptoms and complications 
- an exhaustive review of traditional and alternative gout remedies 
- extensive gout diet information including what to eat and what not to eat 
- tips and recommendations on healthy living choices and lifelong gout management

Not only is the report easy to understand, it provides accurate and fundamental information as well as the step by step action plan that has kept me free from gout symptoms for more that a year. It's a real life saver.

I'm managing my gout symptoms with a fresh mindset about healthy eating, simple weight management and smarter lifestyle choices. Watch this video to learn the Top Ten Gout Remedy Tips. It's a perfect way to begin your battle against gout.

And when you're ready for a permanent gout remedy, pick up a copy of The Gout Remedy Report. It has everything you need to cure your gout symptoms for good. I've taken back the simple freedoms that the dreaded gout demons have stolen from me. You can to.

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